imageOne of the biggest challenges for me in this life has been patience and it is something I often struggle to find.

I tend to have more patience with others than I do with my family and certainly with myself. If something doesn’t work out then I give up rather than persevere, if there are instructions then I ignore these and dive in, if I can’t do something then I stop. I get cross, frustrated, angry with myself or whoever is around and of course it doesn’t help one bit.

A few years ago I took up watercolour painting and here I have had to learn to be patient. I have had to learn to work and then walk away in order to leave something to dry. I have learnt the hard way that rushing means a muddy mess, something unretrievable and which often ends up in the bin.

If I use masking fluid then again this has to be left to dry. If not then any paint going over it picks up the masking fluid and spreads it across the paper ruining whatever idea I had. If I use salt to create an effect then this too needs to be left to dry. If it isn’t dry then the salt won’t brush off cleanly but instead dissolves into the paint and again creates a mess.

I am used to keeping a journal and through it to have chance of looking back to see if there are any patterns in what is happening around me. As I write this I can see there is a clear pattern in regard to my lack of patience. If I am not patient then the result is all too often a mess. If I think about it I can see that this doesn’t just apply to my watercolour painting but also to other areas of my life including my relationships with others and with myself.

Perhaps if I persevere with watercolour painting I will learn to be patient enough to be able to carry this into other areas of my life and as with my painting will then be able to see the benefit of giving everything the time it needs.