Pagan Blog Project – Eggs

imageI haven’t looked to see what is on the list of suggested ‘E’ blogs yet because while I was sitting going through the E possibilities…… elephants, entities, earth, environment, my mind became fixed on………….


I don’t know where or when I first became aware of eggs in shamanic healing but I do remember very clearly how disappointed I was when I read ‘Two Hearts in Tuva’ by Wendy Taylor, not by the book which I really enjoyed, but by the fact that the author mentioned eggs being used in a healing but failed to give any indication as to how they were used.

Somehow I had acquired an idea about what to do with eggs but not the full picture. This is not at all unusual for me as almost all of my shamanic teaching has come from my own guides. Most of the time I love it this way but it can also be very frustrating. Like most guides they can be oh so guilty of drip feeding me information. I am taught what I need at the time and if that is only part of something so be it. This is how it was with eggs.

From somewhere I knew that a shamanic healer could use eggs in their healing by running or rolling the eggs over the clients body. This though was as far as my knowledge went. I had no idea at all what you did with them after that. Last year when the time was obviously right, I finally found out.

Eggs have long been used in healing by curanderos or healers in South America. Known as Egg Cleansing or La Limpia, it has the outer appearance of a magic or party trick but in reality can provide powerful healing.

Initially the egg is used as a form of divination or seeing. The curandero rolls the raw egg carefully over the whole body of the client. This egg is then broken into a glass of water. The work of the curandero is then to ‘read’ the egg. The way the white of the egg moves in the water, the shape and form of it, how it flows, how it clings to the egg yolk, if it forms clumps, if there are coloured areas and so on, all provide the curandero with information about the state of the client’s health, problems, imbalances and where healing is needed.

Once a ‘diagnosis’ has been made then the healing takes place using a second raw egg. If a particular area of the body has been identified as having a problem e.g the kidneys, then the new egg is used to collect the ‘disease’ or imbalance. This is done by rolling the egg over this point until it is deemed to have collected the energy of the disease within it. Some curanderos will also use smoke to assist this, others will blow the disease into the egg but with all of these ways the egg becomes the receptacle. The egg can also be rolled over the whole body to collect any stress, toxins or misplaced energy within it. The important thing is to keep the egg in constant motion.

In a lot of shamanic healing anything that is removed from a client is held in a receptacle and then given to the earth or an ally in nature to be transformed. This also happens with the egg. As soon as possible the egg is taken outside and buried deeply in the earth in a place where animals can’t dig it up to eat. Some curanderos will burn the egg instead of burying it.

Sometimes the ceremony or ritual is made more complex by the use of candles through which the egg is run initially or by the use of chants, prayers or incantations. The actual healing though needs none of these, just two raw eggs, a glass of water and a healer with the experience and skill to be able to ‘read’ the information accurately.