Animal Magic

Do you ever have days when you wonder what is going on?

Last night a young hare set off the security light over our porch and was so close to the house we could have reached out and touched it, had the window not been in the way that is.

imageThis followed my completing a watercolour painting of hares earlier in the day.

We do have hare in the garden sometimes but usually adult ones exploring or shadow boxing further down the garden and well away from the house, never sitting on our porch.

Then today around lunchtime we were in the conservatory when a kestrel flew down and perched on the back of a garden chair a few feet from where we were sitting. Again we do have kestrel around sometimes, we see them flying, sitting on the telephone wires or dropping into fields but never so close to the house.

I’m going to watch now and see what else happens. I could rush to the internet to look up the symbolism of hare and kestrel but that will be someone else’s meaning, not mine, and so I will let this sit, for now anyway.

One thing I do know is this has been two days of absolute magic.