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I have always loved dragons, for me they are magical beings who can breathe fire and fly. How could I not love them? One of my favourite films, one of the few films I can watch over and over again and never tire of is ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ which for me sums up how misunderstood dragons are.

When I began working with energy, learning the importance of grounding myself with Earth energy, I would always find a sleeping dragon, deep in the Earth’s centre surrounded by stones and crystals. As I gained in experience the dragon awoke. I would see one eye watching me lazily but never did I feel afraid. This then progressed to me being able to sit up on the dragon where it would wrap its leg gently around me and I realised then that the dragon was there to protect me and I still think of them in this way.

Eventually I stopped seeing the dragon there, I suppose I didn’t need it in the same way. I then would have so many images of dragons in my head that the only thing to do was to draw them to get them out. They left me alone then for a few years but out of the blue I started dreaming of them again.

On a course a few weeks later another participant spoke of dreaming of dragons and the messages he had been receiving. He gave us all a river stone and asked that we return it to the Earth as they represented the dragon’s eggs which had been lost over time, he explained that the Earth needed them back. I brought mine home with me and buried in a special place where only I know of its existence.

Until I began writing this I had forgotten all about the river stone and the dragon’s eggs but now I remember it feels like time to visit it again, not to dig it up but to reconnect with it in some way.


2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – Dragons

  1. I don’t know why and I can not explain,and I have never thought about it too much,my favourite movie of all time is “How to train your dragon” I am excited to see the 2nd one in June ‘ this year. I have never heard any other adult say it was a good movie..

    • I think for me, it sums up how fear builds on fear and how when we get behind the fear there is all so often nothing there. Plus I have always felt dragons were my friends, my protectors and certainly nothing for me to fight in any way.

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