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imageI first met Hummingbird when I received the nine rites of the Munay Ki. One of the rites, the Harmony Rite, places archetypal animals into each of the chakras or energy centres, with the Hummingbird being placed in the solar plexus. Each of the archetypes are then fed with fire for a period of at least two weeks and during that time you work with the archetype, getting to know it and receiving guidance and messages from them.

In the Munay Ki which come from the Andean shaman of South America, Hummingbird is the archetype that represents the Ancient Ones and so helps us remember ancient ways; ‘the way of the Hummingbird who drinks from the nectar of life, not built for flight yet undertakes and accomplishes the impossible journey’. Hummingbird is said to represent the courage required to embark on the epic journey which eventually leads us back to source and to provide the courage and guidance necessary for success.

When I worked with Hummingbird as part of the Munay Ki, one of the things it showed me was strands or fibres that connected me with every other living thing. As I watched I could see what looked like optic fibres of green light flowing from me and to me. I saw how I could reach out and touch each and every one of these fibres and in doing so could bring to life the connection with whatever or whenever was at the other end. I realised in this moment that if we knew how, then we could access anything that we wished to, just by reaching out to the right connection. I also realised that these strands surround us all the time and that we walk through them every minute of every day without being aware of it.

This realisation from Hummingbird was the impetus that I needed at that time for my book Shaman Pathways, ‘Web of Life’ and for those who have read it and worked with the exercises to create their own webs and make connections with their teachers, it will come as no surprise that Hummingbird is one of mine. Although in Munay Ki Hummingbird is connected with the North, in my own web of life it sits in the North East and it is here I am working at the moment.

When I am disturbed, unsettled, restless then I know that Hummingbird is always close. I always think that the way I feel reflects the continual motion of the Hummingbird’s wings as it fights to stay in the air, to hover to feed and to fly. For me Hummingbird is a signal to look at what I might need to change or shift. Hummingbird isn’t built for flight and it also reminds me that what looks as if it should be impossible isn’t always so.

Hummingbird has brought me some of my greatest insights including the realisation of how much energy I expand trying to stay where I am when resisting moving forward. So when Hummingbird is around I always try and listen so that I don’t waste more energy than I need to.

This time before I sat with Hummingbird to see what message it was bringing me, I decided to pick up my Web Cards, shuffle them and choose one for inspiration. I think its time that I stopped being stunned at the power of these cards really, the power that comes from having something that was made by me, for me, is never used by anyone else and which contains my own energy and therefore my power. This time, as has happened so many times before, the card I drew was the teacher that I am working with ….yes out of a pack of 32 cards I drew Hummingbird!

When I then sat with Hummingbird, allowed myself to be still, to find my own centre and in that quiet and receptive space to listen Hummingbird told me:

‘Listen to me now and stop trying to fly backwards for that never works in your best interest. Relax, let go and allow the energy that you have built up to drive you forwards.
It is never a good idea to stay in one place too long, to get comfortable or complacent and although sometimes it may seem that you are not ready to move on, just trust that this is the right thing to do.

When you attempt to hold on to the past, which is what you do when you resist the forward impetus, then you only delay the inevitable, you do not avoid it and never can.

Accept, release, and find the beauty and joy in what is ahead’.


10 thoughts on “Working with Humming Bird

  1. I believe the animal kingdom has so much to teach us if we only stop to listen and understand. Unfortunately, in our “modern” world we have become so distant from our animal kin, that it is now hard to share in their messages. Thank you for the reminder and the post!

    • Thank you. If you are interested in connecting more with animals, plants etc you might like to have a look at my book Web of Life. There are details on a page in my blog. It helps us learn to be more aware of just these connections.

  2. I was drawn back to this post today. I did purchase your book and will hopefully have time to start it this weekend. There is a hummingbird that visits me every time I am outside. If I am in front, s/he comes to the front porch and if I am in back s/he sits in the same place on the utility wire. When I go in s/he leaves. This is the second year s/he has come and we have become friends of a sort. Do you have any insight as to why s/he would have chosen me?

    • Watch her behaviour and see if there is anything there that resonates with you, the way she moves, how she eats etc. We can learn a lot about the messages that they have for us by observing the animals that choose to be around us. Sit quietly and ‘meditate’ on hummingbird to see what comes into your mind too, ask her why she is with you. I always think it is important to find out in these ways rather than anyone else telling you. This way you have your own interpretation and ideas not someone else’s. My article may give you clues but don’t forget what is there is really my view and only that. Enjoy exploring with hummingbird 🙂

  3. I will continue to do that. It seems that we are friends…have been friends…and that she is definitely here to tell/teach me something. In my own human way, I can be a slow learner, however, I love that she is here!

    • I love that you have her there with you 🙂 I have learnt so much from hummingbird. In Munay Ki it connects with the solar plexus and amongst many other things teaches that even what looks impossible is possible if that helps at all.

  4. Yes! It does help. I am really interested in studying more. I am wishing that the midwest of the US was not so far from Ireland. I would love to meet you and learn from you. I must adapt to “flexible” learning!

    • I have learnt over the years that wherever I am the things I want to do are always somewhere else. I think if the path you are supposed to walk is one where you don’t learn too much directly from other humans, it can be what happens. Most of what I have learnt has come from my guides or distance learning where I can work away with my own guidance and without the influence of any one person. Not easy but authentic. Stay in touch as at some point in the future I’d like to develop some distance learning/support but in the mean time am happy to toss things around here with you

  5. Will do, I look forward to it. I know I am on a “solitary path” and one of learning and growth. It will be nice to be able to share ideas with you. Phyl

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