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imageWhen I bought my first pendulum I had never heard the word dowsing, come to that I hadn’t even known what a pendulum was when I initially heard the word mentioned. All I knew was that I wanted one, whatever it was.

And so I went searching. I managed to find a clear quartz pendulum in a tiny little shop. When the pendulum spun for me I refused to let it go, thinking that this was the only pendulum in the whole world that would work for me. Just like that I was hooked.

I had no idea at the time where this pendulum was going to lead me but in following my instincts and letting the pendulum lead the way I discovered dowsing.

For me dowsing can be carried out with anything. Yes you can buy specially weighted rods for dowsing the land and looking for lay lines but equally you can make your own dowsing rods from a wire coat hanger or from a forked piece of tree. If like me you are a pendulum dowser then anything that swings and has enough weight is perfect. I have crystal pendulums and metal ones but have been known to dowse quite happily with my mobile phone or set of car keys. I teach students to make their own with washers and pieces of chain to prove to them that there is no actual power in the pendulum. I don’t believe anyone who says they have manufactured the perfect pendulum or that only certain pendulums work in certain ways. Nor do I believe that you have to programme a pendulum, to me that makes no sense at all.

Rods and pendulums are only there to amplify what the dowser can pick up. If we were really sensitive, connected and tuned in, then we could detect the differences in energy ourselves using nothing but our bodies and our inner knowing, but as most of us aren’t then we need tools i.e. rods and pendulums. They magnify the tiny sensations that the nerves in the tips of our fingers pick up and which cause our muscles to make minute movements . This even has a scientific name, the ideomotor movement.

So, can you teach yourself to dowse? Of course, that’s exactly what I did. All you need to do to begin is find your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses, learn how to ask good clear unambiguous questions and you are away. Or if it’s land dowsing with rods then holding a clear intention of what you are looking for, holding the rods loosely and watching them closely for any signs of movement so you can follow their path will get you started. It’s then, like so many things, all down to practice. The more you practice, the better you become.

In my work I use a pendulum as a tool, to read the human energy field and to show me what I need to know, to help when I am realigning the energy field. I use it to help select the right mixture of flower essences for clients, to detect food intolerances or environmental allergens and much much more besides.

I have also used a pendulum to find the right position and alignment when I created a labyrinth in my garden and often work with it as an aid when doing house clearances to detect imbalances of energy or clear energy flow. And yes sometimes I ask for guidance by asking questions.

I have taught others to dowse, students certainly, but also others in somewhat unusual places. The driver on the Sal de Uyuni in Bolivia so that he could always find North when the compass on his car stopped working due to the effects of the salt plains, the guide who wanted to know why sacred ceremonies were always held in a specific place in Tiwanaku also in Bolivia, a woman in Cusco, Peru who as a child had dowsed over pregnant women with her grandmothers wedding ring and most memorably a Madagascan witch doctor in exchange for his sharing information about his tools.


6 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – Dowsing

  1. I had a pendulum some time ago which I connected with instantly, but I have yet to actually do much with dowsing. It is something I mean to put some real attention into in my near future. I think it is something I can really benefit from learning.

    • Let the pendulum teach you if you can. There are some good books available if you need help. The best way is to look for one that looks right for you and will do what you need. Good luck.

  2. I love pendulums ^_^ I’ve used them since I was really small… using pendulums can be useful in so many ways!

  3. I first saw dowsing when I was a young girl. A local man came to our house to help my dad find water on the property so we didn’t have to pipe our water over from my uncle’s house. I’ve also used pendulums, mostly crystals and did not realize that they could “be” anything else. I also did realize how many ways they could be used. I do believe one of the first things I will use it for is with my jewelry. And, I think that would be a great way to find the best spots to plant herbs and fruits, to say nothing of tomatoes this year. I’m looking forward to experiments. Thanks for this good post.

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