Book Review – A Modern Celt

imageJust as I began to write this review our player which is on shuffle started to play Horslips Dearg Doom so knowing there is no such thing as a coincidence I’ll take that as an omen that it is the perfect time to write about A Modern Celt and the Tuatha De Dannan.

I am in the strange place of being of Celtic ancestry, born and lived most my life in England and then moved to Ireland, land of my ancestors. Although I have a passing acquaintance with the myths and legends of the land that is now my home Mabh Savage brings these to life as she weaves their stories in with her own life and experiences along with those of her parents and friends. We hear about the children of Danu the Morrigan, the Daga, Brigid, Lugh and Cu Chullain before being taken on a journey through the Turning of the Wheel, the Craft of the Fae and much much more. The book also contains some ideas about how to connect with your own ancestors and an appendix containing some useful background information including a glossary of Celtic terms plus exercises in Magic with a Celtic Twist.

Ms Savage has a delightful easy to read style, her approach to her paganism, witchcraft and the Celtic background that is the driving force behind the book, is all dealt with a light touch and it is this as much as the tales she weaves that carries the reader along. She shares with the reader her struggle to make sense of being drawn to her own Celtic ancestry and the importance of it in a modern world. In particular I really appreciated her take on ‘magic’ as it is very conducive to encouraging anyone reading A Modern Celt to see the magic that they create in their own lives, day in day out.

I would recommend this book to pagans, non pagans, explorers of life and especially to anyone with even a passing interest in the Tuatha De Dannan and Irish Celtic Mythology for it will surely awaken their desire to learn more and maybe even to investigate their own ancestry.


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