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A conversation about Earth

I have been thinking a lot about the effects of the recent weather, the storms bringing air and water in the form of rain and wind and how much devastation it is causing to everything around us. I was focusing on this as I journeyed and had the following somewhat surprising conversation.

Drawn down into Earth I am shown molecules of water and am told:

Each of these has a role to play. It is necessary for the devastation to occur so that Earth can be fed what she needs. To deprive her of this so you can be safe is putting yourself above her. You drain and deforest huge swathes of land so that the moisture she receives is not enough. How else is she to feed and nourish herself so that she may feed and nourish you unless she takes what she needs? Any devastation is regrettable but without it she will die.

Air brings the water to her, it is the vehicle upon which droplets are carried and is the catalyst that drives seas and rivers to swell and feed the land, without air she would die.

Mankind must come to a point of acknowledging that they are responsible for this. All Earth has done is take back that which has been taken from her. Unless changes are made this will happen again for balance must be restored.


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