Book Review – Ariadne’s Thread

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Ariadne’s Thread

by Laura Perry










Before reading Ariadne’s Thread I knew nothing at all about Crete or the Minoans but I found this a fascinating insight into both. I found myself drawn in by the author’s enthusiasm, knowledge and very clear love for her subject, a subject she has been fascinated by since childhood. Through the written word I discovered a world I had been totally unaware of. I learnt about the history, daily life, spirituality, deities including goddesses, mythical beings and of course ritual.

The author is clear that the rituals she describes are not Minoan for these are unknown, rather she has based them on modern neo pagan rituals intermingled with her own interpretation of the way in which the elements and mythical creatures connect with the directions. The rituals themselves, all tried and tested, are though based on historical evidence and the choices she has made with regard to the form and the content are clearly explained.

The rituals themselves are given in two parts, the first of these being The Wheel of the Year: Moon Rites and Seasonal Festivals. The second is given over to Rites of Passage: From Birth to Death and Beyond. All of the rituals contain precise and clear instructions and are easy to follow. The reader is encouraged to follow the format given rather than interpret the rituals in any way so as to ensure safety and respect for the Minoan deities.

There is also an extensive bibliography for anyone who’s appetite for Minoan society has been awakened and who wishes to delve deeper.